slide show winfried lühr-tanck

Poland and Lithuania

900 miles by bicycle

from Frankfurt/Oder to Klaipeda

The journey is the reward, not the destination – after 50 km of headwind through the infinite dimensions of Lithuania you end up wondering whether the destination is not nicer after all. After a 30 km rain trip through Poland you are sure that only the destination matters. But in bright sunlight on the Kurische Nehrung it really is the journey that is the reward.

The distance between Frankfurt/Oder and Klaipeda is about 900 miles. You are not only going to see famous places like Torun, Olsztyn and Nida but also little and charming places like Bielewo, Reszel or Goldap. Nevertheless you'll meet friendly people, who are, despite the lack of a common language, very helpful in a non-verbal way.

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